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In-Person Learning Resources for the 2020-2021 School Year

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Ninja Summer Camps
Adrenaline Taekwondo

Come Kick it at NINJA CAMP!

Fort Worth's best kids Martial Arts Summer Camp

Ninja Camp is a week-long Summer Camp dedicated to Ages 4-12. This camp encompasses fun martial arts training, weapons instruction, tumbling, games, dodgeball, water day and board breaking. Camp price includes camp shirt and 1 board for board breaking(Limit 20 Ninjas per Camp)


Exercise / Health / Yoga
Martial arts
Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Homeschool Art Program 2021-2022
Art in Mind Creative Wellness Studio

Foster your child’s love of art, knowledge, and ability with our Homeschool Art Program! We are offering in-person classes for children in elementary and secondary school levels this year. Per semester fee is $285 (12 dates). We will offer one free make-up class per semester. If joining late the cost will be prorated.


10:00–11:00 am Elementary School

11:30–12:30 pm Middle and High School

Here is our fall semester overview:

FALL 2021

September (9/10, 9/17, 9/24): Drawing Skills     

October (10/8, 10/15, 10/22): Painting Skills

November (11/5, 11/12, 11/19): Sculpture Skills

December (12/3, 12/10, 12/17): Media Variety: Comics, Collage, Printmaking

Fall Semester Make-Up Class is Monday, 12/20/21: both age groups from 10–11:30am.

Tentative Schedule for Spring 2022: There will be a separate registration for the Spring Semester.

(dates TBA)

January: Illustration

February: Landscape Painting

March: Multimedia Inspiration

April: Sculpture


Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Bach to Rock Penfield Summer Music Camps - Every Week (ages 5-17)
Bach to Rock Penfield
Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Boogaloo Academy
Boogaloo Academy/A Star Society

Join our vibrant community! 

Register now for Boogaloo Academy’s 2021-2022 season. 

We offer the best of both worlds with street and classical dance styles - with recreational to award-winning competitive programs for ages 1.5 years to adult. Online and In studio classes start on Sept. 12th.
We carefully implement Covid-19 safety protocols. 
Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Middle School
High School
How to Become a Surrogate

Did you love being pregnant? Interested in helping others achieve their dreams of becoming a family? Surrogacy is the answer for so many families that are struggling to get pregnant, whether it's a women with cancer, gay men who can't have children or infertility issues, you may be able to change a family's life and earn money to help your family at the same time. Surrogacy packages start at $55,000 for first-time surrogates. Is this the right step for your family? Explore the process below to find out more...

Learn How To Become a Surrogate

Our job is to help you realize your dream of how to become a surrogate with expert guidance, from learning about the surrogate process all the way to your fourth trimester care. Our proven process makes your dream of helping another family a reality. We are all-in as your guide for a healthy and successful surrogacy journey.

  • 78% of our surrogates want to recommend another woman to be a ConceiveAbilities surrogate
  • 56% of our surrogates want to do another surrogacy journey with us


We customize our qualification process to work at your pace, with no timing pressure, What timing works for you? Some potential GCs are motivated to move through the process quickly. Some potential GCs need time to process and learn. We are on your timeline.


Our proprietary matching process pairs you with the family you were meant to help who have shared values and expectations. Matching Matters® has a 97% success rate at first introduction, expediting your journey.


We prioritize your custom financial package so you have no bumps in the road that take you away from your dream of helping another family. Because we value your labor of love and because you are needed, ConceiveAbilities is proud to offer our first-of-its-kind All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation Program. Our pay package for you is the highest of any surrogacy agency. Period. Talk to us and we’ll make sure it is so.

  • Expert Guidance from application through fourth trimester postpartum care on how to become a surrogate
  • Top Pay through a simple, easy package that is custom-built for you
  • Monthly Care packages, with goodies that are chosen based on your priorities

Use our compensation calculator to find out your personalized base pay.

We tailor what you will earn according to where you live, your current salary, and whether you have prior experience as a surrogate. All put together into one easy and simple package of payments with no receipt tracking.


Surrogate Mother Requirements

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a modern and growing means of bringing new life into the world, where a woman carries a baby for another person or a couple. The intended parents undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF), meaning fertilization outside of the body, to transfer an embryo into the surrogate mother’s uterus. In our work at ConceiveAbilities, surrogates are not genetically or legally related to the baby and are compensated for their time and service by the intended parents. In 2018, more than 10,000 births took place by surrogate in the United States, and the market is steadily growing at 15% per year based on data from the Centers for Disease Control. And, in the past ten years, the percentage of all IVF transfers that took place with a gestational carrier grew from just over 1% to 4.8%.

What Are Surrogate Requirements?

In order to ensure that surrogacy can be a healthy and successful experience for you, the basic requirements include your age, your experience with prior deliveries, and your medical history.

The basic requirements include


  • Have you given birth before?
    • A history of at least one full-term, health and uncomplicated pregnancy is essential to ensuring your surrogacy journey is healthy and successful.
  • How old are you?
    • At the time you are matched with intended parents, you should be between 21 and 40 years of age.
  • Where do you live?
    • Compensated surrogacy is legal in most, but not all states. And, certain locations are highly valued by intended parents and you can earn higher compensation.
  • Are you a long-term US resident?
    • The surrogacy journey is lengthy and is accomplished only by working with a US-based IVF clinic.
  • Are you physically healthy?
    • You must have an uncomplicated medical history, not be over- or under-weight, not currently smoke, and be free of certain chronic conditions.
  • Are you emotionally healthy?
    • Your surrogacy journey is demanding and requires a stable foundation in your life without undue stress.


Apply Now: ConceiveAbilities Application



EQ EduFun Camp
EQ Kids Club
Pair your homeschool program with EQ EduCamp afternoon three day camp!
At EQ Kids Club, we aim to socially and emotionally engage children through experiential play. Our afternoon camps are entertaining, engaging and educational. We have carefully designed our indoor playground into STEAM related play stations. Each STEAM related station incorporates role play, art, engineering, movement, music and books.
In 2019, EQ Kids Club took a measured approach to a safe caring parent drop off program which enabled children to build self confidence, team and friendship building skills, experience mutual respect.
Today we are excited to announce the launch "EduFun Camp." EduFun is a 3 day drop off camp which establishes the foundation for social and emotional growth. With a large majority of families choosing to homeschool their children, we hope this offers a valuable, fun and engaging option.
Why will emotional intelligence take your child further in life?
A child with a high EQ is likely to handle more complex social situations and build meaningful friendships, with the ability to relate and emphasize with their peers.
Introducing children to the following social initiatives teaches children to participate in activities which are bigger than themselves. This allows social and emotional intelligence to blossom.
Social Activities:
role play
talent shows
counting games
movement games
themed arts and crafts
free play 
Academic - General
Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Gideon Math and Reading - Frisco Learning Pod
Gideon Math and Reading - Frisco
We are running a successful pod at our Frisco Location. Love seeing kids every day and helping them with their Virtual School. We make sure they get some fun, off screen time and engage in other enrichment activities.
Call us 469-305-7107 for questions or inquire about options.
Early Elementary School
1st-8th Remote Learning Support Program
iCode - Coppell
Beginning August 12, 1st-8th students will be able to complete their Distance Learning lessons at an iCode facility, in a frequently-disinfected, monitored learning environment, with no more than 8 students per classroom. We will provide the necessary technology to complete daily lessons, and brain breaks in a half day, or full day format.
Half Day (4 hours) $28
Full Day (8 hours) $56
*Face masks are required of all participants, regardless of age.
STEM - Computers
Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Middle School
Sparta NJ Meditation Classes Events in Person
Kadampa Meditation Center New York

Our in-person Sparta, NJ Meditation Group classes are back. However, we are continuing to offer live stream guided meditation classes for the Sparta, NJ Area.

Beginner friendly meditation classes include guided meditation and practical wisdom on how to maintain the experience of the inner peace in daily life. Connect with an experience of inner peace and develop practical tools to maintain a positive mind.

Online Live ZOOM Modern Buddhism guided meditation classes, no experience needed.
$10 per class | pre-registration required

Upcoming Meditation Class topics

April 12, 2021 : Overcoming scattered thoughts
April 19, 2012 : How to cultivate mindfulness
April 26, 2021 : Developing concentration

Buddha taught meditation and special ways of thinking that allow us to keep peace of mind and be of real help to others regardless of what is happening in our lives and the world.

Free online Meditation and Buddhism Books and Resources:
MEDITATION - "Getting Started or Back to Basics" FREE online Meditation Audio and Resource Page:

1) Buddhist Podcasts Free - No subscription, No Sign-up, No ads
2) Free Online Meditation Audio - Learn how to meditate. Includes guided meditation for beginners. No subscription, No signup, No ads.
3) Free Meditation Book "How to Transform Your Life" and Modern Buddhism eBook download. No subscription, No ads

Best Guided Meditations youtube - How to Meditate and Introduction to Buddhist Meditation includes: Guided Meditations for Beginners, Meditation on Karma, Meditations on Overcoming Anger and more,

Kadampa Meditation Center New York World Peace Temple in Sullivan County Catskills in Upstate NY is open, Free to the Public. Tour the Buddhist World Peace Temple, Hike, Walk Nature Trails, Buddhist Book Store, Gift Shop and Outdoor Cafe Coffee shop, Tea, Snacks and locally homemade baked goods. Families & Pets on a leash welcome.

Home School Natural Science Classes
Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area
Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) has created a fun and exciting way for students to mix some field work into their home schooling this semester.
The Home School Natural Science classes are a four-part series examining a central theme. These weekly classes will take place at LLELA, 201 E. Jones Street. Classes are available for students in K-8 grade. Students will explore wildlife adaptations and learn how to collect data out in field lab settings.
Registration is required to attend these classes. The cost is $15 per class, or $50 for all four classes. Registration can be completed 100% online at the Play Lewisville store in Amilia.
Academic - General
STEM - General
Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Classes and performance opportunities for ages 3 - 20
Oddfellows Playhouse

Registration is now open for Fall classes and performance opportunities at Oddfellows Playhouse in Middletown.

Fall 2021 at Oddfellows Playhouse in Middletown holds an array of programs for students ages 3-20. Programs will run from September 20 - December 9th. Our in-person, socially distanced, covid-safe programs feature crafts, circus arts, dance, theater, acting, juggling, acrofit, contortion, and a mainstage performance! All classes will be held in the Oddfellows Playhouse theater. For details, and more information, go to, call (860) 347-6143, or email

 All classes will have tuition of 200$ unless otherwise noted and all classes Monday-Thursday have the option to add on our Oddbridge after school program for 50$.


The fun starts on Saturday Sept 18th with “Welcome to Circus” for ages 3-5 and “Circus 1” for ages 6-8. Both classes will be led by Maegan Fuller. 

“Circrobatics I” offers participants the chance to have a blast tumbling and playing with scarves, ribbons, and other fun pieces of circus equipment for an exciting introduction to circus. These classes will run every Saturday from 10-10:45am. Tuition is $200. 

“Circrobatics II” gives participants the chance to have fun discovering their inner clown while learning how to manipulate different pieces of circus equipment including; flower sticks, diabolo, juggling, poi, and more! Classes run on Saturdays from 11am-12pm. Tuition is $200. 


AGES 6-8

Musical Mentoring

A partnership between Oddfellows and Wesleyan University’s student-run Cardinal Kids, this class provides individual music mentoring with a Wesleyan music student. The lessons are tailored to fit the individual needs of different learners, and the mentors will work closely with their students to develop their musical skills and stimulate interest. Available topics include voice, keyboard, guitar and violin. Class time: Mondays 430-530 beginning 9/20/21

Hip Hop Dance

Class time: Mondays 430-530 beginning 9/20/21

Circus I

Juggling, plate spinning, hula hooping and more! Class time: Tuesdays 430-530 beginning 9/21/21

Fairy Tale Theater

A theatrical exploration of the Fairy Tale world, featuring characters and stories from your favorite fairy tales.  Class time: Wednesdays 430-530 beginning 9/22/21

Story Theater from Around the World

Students will use theater games and skills to explore tales and fables from different parts of the world. We can discover how people from all over the world answered questions like: How did birds get their colorful wings? Or, Why do turtles have shells? And many more! Class time: Thursdays 430-530 beginning 9/23/21




AGES 9-11

Circus II

Juggling, plate spinning, hula hooping and more! Mondays 430-530 beginning 9/20/21

Tom Sawyer Mini-Production

Students will explore the classic story “Tom Sawyer” and put an original spin on this age old “getting in and MOSTLY out of trouble” tale. Through theater games and character work we will use our own creativity along with scripts to create a unique re-telling of Mark Twain’s well-known coming of age story.
Tuesdays 430-545 beginning 9/21/21

Musical Mentoring

A partnership between Oddfellows and Wesleyan University’s student-run Cardinal Kids, this class provides individual music mentoring with a Wesleyan music student. The lessons are tailored to fit the individual needs of different learners, and the mentors will work closely with their students to develop their musical skills and stimulate interest. Available topics include voice, keyboard, guitar and violin. Wednesdays 430-530 beginning 9/22/21

Theater Improv

Learn the art of play in the world of theatre through improvisation - making it up as you go along! Enhance your listening, communication skills and confidence while giving your imagination a supportive space to thrive in as you make new friends and have fun.
Wednesdays 430-530 beginning 9/22/21

Hip Hop Dance

Thursdays 430-530 beginning 9/23/21 *Ages 9-14*

AGES 11-20


Acting and Scene Study

Develop skills and techniques that will enhance your creativity, strengthen your communication skills and foster new friendships. Nurture and magnify your inner gifts and natural talents by working with partners on scenes from classic and contemporary theater.
Mondays 4:30-6pm beginning 9/20/21

Circophony Teen Circus

Students are invited to join one or both days where they will practice and learn both solo skills and build a repertoire as an ensemble. Monday with Allison McDermott will focus on Tumbling, Mini-trampoline and Equilibristics (Unicycles, rolling globe, rola bola, spools, trick bikes).

Tuesday with Naja Muller and Allison McDermott will focus on Partner Acrobatics, Contortion, Juggling and Prop Manipulation. Fall Training is a great way to prepare for Circophony's Winter Main Stage show.

Get a second day of Circophony for a discounted rate. Simply "add on" in registration! (Additional day only 150$!)

Mondays & Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm beginning 9/20/21
*Ages 12-20*

The Art of Being an Artist

Creating a piece of art is one thing. What to do with it next is another. Come learn what it’s like to live the life of a visual artist from beginning to end in this mixed media art class for 7th & 8th grade students. The sole requirement for this class is that you must have a passion for creating art. Students will be exposed to various types of mediums and techniques including painting, mask making, weaving, beading, stenciling and more. They will also learn how to prepare their work for exhibition and how to market oneself as an artist. Class will conclude with an exhibition of student work.
Tuesdays 4:30-5:45pm beginning 9/21/21

Introduction to Shakespeare

An introduction to the characters, stories and language of Shakespeare's plays, culminating in short scene performances.
Wednesdays 4:30-6pm beginning 9/22/21

Hip Hop Dance

Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm beginning 9/23/21
*Ages 9 - 14*


The Teen Repertory Company is Oddfellows' senior performance ensemble, open to all young people ages 14 - 20. The Teen Rep generally stages two main stage productions every year (one in the fall, one in the spring) and focuses on classes, special projects and a New Plays Festival during the winter. The Teen Rep Company provides adventurous teens with performance opportunities not always available in the public schools - original work, ensemble-created projects, classics from various cultures, and theater for social justice. All teens are invited to audition, and everyone who commits to the rehearsal and production schedule is cast. There is a tuition charge to join the Teen Repertory Company, but financial aid is available for all families who need it.

Young people ages 13 - 20 can audition for our Teen Repertory Company on September 15 & 16, 6:30-9pm. Tuition is 300$

Rehearsals will be two evenings per week beginning the week of September 20 and our mainstage performances will be on November 11 - 13 & 19 - 20. Anyone interested in auditioning, or wanting more information, should contact the Playhouse at or call (860) 347-6143


For more information, or to register for any of the above classes, auditions or events, go to, email, or call (860) 347-6143. Financial aid is available for all tuition-based programs; it is Playhouse policy never to turn anyone away because of inability to pay.


Oddfellows Playhouse productions, classes and special events are made possible with the generous support of the Connecticut Office of the Arts/DECD; Middletown Commission on the Arts; The Fund for Greater Hartford; American Savings Foundation; State of Connecticut Judicial Branch (Youth Violence Prevention); Middletown Youth Services Bureau; Thomas J. Atkins Memorial Trust Fund; Middlesex United Way; CHEFA Cultural Relief Grant; New England Foundation for the Arts New England Arts Resilience Fund; Community Foundation of Middlesex County; Stare Family Fund; Evan Boyd Knoll Memorial Circus Fund; Community Development Block Grant; and many generous individual donors.


Spring classes and performance opportunities for kids range from circus, play writing and acting for teens to classes and performances for younger kids. Go to for more info.

Exercise / Health / Yoga
Visual arts / crafts
Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Ocean Heroes
Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Ocean Heroes is an after school science program designed for children ages 8-12. Children are engaged in marine science and conservation topics, hands-on activities, games, crafts and optional offsite stewardship projects (if allowed due to COVID precautions). Over the course of eight different sessions, children learn about a diversity of marine mammals, their adaptations, and what life is like living under the sea. This program has a total of 8 sessions consisting of two different themes, the first 4 sessions is coastal creatures and the last 4 sessions is endangered species; all 8 sessions are included in program price. This program will once a month from October to May.

Cost per participant: $250.00; Full payment at registration is required to hold a spot for your child.

Number of sessions per program: 8

Session length: 2 hours

Time: 4-6 pm (PST) one day per month.

Dates: The second Friday of every month- Oct. 8th, Nov. 12th, Dec. 10th, Jan. 14th, Feb. 11th, Mar. 11th, Apr. 8th, May 13th

·       Optional Whale Watching Trip on May 20th (additional charge)

Ages: 8 to 12

Class size: limited to 12 participants per program

Refunds: Are only provided for medical emergencies verified by a doctor. Reimbursement is not given for any missed days or cancellations. All proceeds from Ocean Explorers go to the medical care and treatment of our seal and sea lion patients.

Coastal Creatures

Discover your favorite marine mammals that call the coast their home! Whether you are near or far from the coastal shores, join us online to explore the rocky shores, shallow waters and thriving life that the coast has to offer. Explorers will investigate sea turtle habitats, recognize the calls of Spotted dolphins, uncover the diets of Stellar sea lions, and the behaviors of spinner dolphins all while learning how we can protect our coastal creatures!

Session I: Sea Turtles- Follow these ancient creatures through their life from hatchlings to adults! Explorers will learn about the 7 different species of sea turtles, their adaptations and habitat, as well as actions that can protect them. In this session, explorers will get crafty by creating their own turtle and habitat.

Session II: Spinner Dolphins- Spinner dolphins are known for their aerial displays and catching the waves from surrounding boats, but did you know their behaviors change during the night to feed? Explore the life of Spinner dolphins and create a PSA to encourage others to protect this species!

Session III: Stellar Sea Lions- Discover amazing facts about the largest of the sea lion species and how researchers are studying these animals and the food they eat! Explorers will investigate and document their findings, just like a marine mammal scientist.

Session IV: Spotted Dolphins- Can you identify a Spotted dolphin by its vocalizations? Listen closely as you learn about the clicks and buzzes of cetaceans. Spotted dolphins are social mammals, learning from others and traveling in pods by the hundreds. Explorers will etch a dolphin and race against the clock in a game of ‘Spot the Difference’!

Endangered Species

Join us in becoming an Ocean Steward and investigate the wonderful world of marine mammals! Explorers will craft sea lions, puzzle through activities, navigate as a Right Whale, and lead their Vaquita to victory in a game verse the teachers! With these animals threatened to near extinction, what can YOU do to help?

Session I: New Zealand Sea Lions- Discover the most “rare” sea lion in the world and how humans are helping to boost their population! Explorers will learn about the tale of “Mum” and how she brought sea lions back to the main islands! Explorers will get crafty and make a sea lion face and mane!

Session II: Vaquitas- With only 10 suspected individuals left in the world, learn about the smallest cetacean on the planet, how they became critically endangered and lessons learned in the effort to save them! Can you determine the difference between a porpoise and a dolphin, become an expert and help us ID these animals in the wild. Explorers will challenge our teachers as they lead their Vaquita to victory by making its way through obstacles at sea!

Session III: North Atlantic Right Whales- These massive whales weigh in at 140,000 pounds and are the world’s most endangered large whale species! In this session, explorers will learn about the threats to these animals and how they can help. Can you help Riley the Right Whale navigate her way through the ocean? Try your flipper at helping her get past natural and unnatural threats through an adventure game!

Session IV: Guadalupe Fur Seals- Did you know that PMMC rescues Guadalupe fur seals? Learn more about previous patients we have helped and their stories! Explorers will get crafty as they puzzle through piecing together what makes a fur seal and an eared seal!


STEM - General
Late Elementary School
Petit Architect
Petit Architect

Petit Architect was born in 2017, with the mandate to make architecture more accessible to children and youth and inspire them to become educated citizens involved in their cities. Maia Tarassoff teaches fun, hands-on after-school programs and intervenes in schools, for all ages ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Her curriculum is focused on sustainability, social impact and energy efficiency. In parallel, she continues to work as a passive house and interior designer.

Academic - General
STEM - General
Visual arts / crafts
Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Middle School
High School
RockStar Distant Learning Camp
RockStar Martial Arts - East Frisco CLOSED per google - location gone from website - 5/6/2021 ccm
RockStar Martial Arts is offering an onsite distant learning opportunity this Fall to accommodate a modified school experience. We know that many households have both parents/adults participating in the work force and sending their children back to school is necessary. Starting the first week of school for each RockStar’s local school district we will have a limited number of spaces available for students to come to complete their distance/E-learning at RockStar.
RockStar will be utilizing experienced educators to support your child's independent assigned learning, but will not be responsible for teaching curriculum to students. Each district is designing the curriculums and has requested that parental involvement be present. In our current times, sometimes that option isn’t feasible and that is where RockStar wants to help. RockStar has stepped up and we want to help you in this process. In addition to providing a quiet, safe place for students to complete their assigned class curriculum, they will be provided an opportunity for physical activity.
Max number of participants: There will be a very limited number of participants per day in controlled grouping to allow for contact tracing and CDC recommended social distancing. We will continue to perform increased safety and sanitation procedures and will follow all local mask mandates.
Age Groups - 5-year-olds - 12-year-olds
Must be actively enrolled in your local school district as we can only provided limited capacity at this time. Proof of registration may be required.
Kids will be broken into age groups upon final enrollment
Full Weekly Care - $299/Week
(5 Days; Monday- Friday)
Click link to register and reserve your spots today!
Partial Weekly Care - $199/Week
(3 Days of your choice Monday-Friday)**
Click link to register and reserve your spots today!
Sibling discount of 10% on all care packages. We also offer Military, First Responder, Teacher and Medical Front Line workers discounts. ID required for these discounts and must contact school prior to registering to receive code after submitting proof.
Email us at or call/text to 469-912-1768 with proof of ID and receive your special discount code.
Students are required to bring own laptop, tablet or other approved electronic device to complete online coursework.
Students bring their own snack and lunch. No sodas and candy.
We encourage kids to bring headphones to plug into their personal laptop/tablet
Class time is designated quiet time, please bring quiet time activities; books, coloring pages, and quiet games.
All schools are equipped with up to date security monitoring
Daily temperature checks and symptom screening
Health Intake Form and updated RockStar waiver required prior to the start of RockStar Distant Learning Camp
All students enrolled are eligible to attend our Intro to Martial Arts program. See your preferred schools weekly schedule.
All students receive a RockStar T-Shirt.
Due to the space limitations and the local districts current year requirements and expectations we can not accept any children under the age of 5 and are not currently enrolled in a public, private or home school curriculum.
Doors will open Monday through Friday as early as 7am for some schools to allow for early drop off. 
See Less


Academic - General
Exercise / Health / Yoga
Martial arts
Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Kids Saturday Classes
Russell Farm Art Center
We are excited to offer 3 different classes at Russell Farm Art Center on Saturdays from October 3 - 24. First we'll start off with Children's Gardening from 9 - 10 a.m. for kids ages 6-12. Then we will offer Beginning Spanish from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. for kids ages 6-12 also. Our last Saturday class is Wood Shop, for kids ages 12-18, and will run from 12 - 1:30 p.m.
Class size is limited and each program will follow health and safety protocols that have been approved by our Public Health Authority. View health & safety protocols:
Fees & Times:
- Children's Gardening: $25/4 weeks; 9 - 10 a.m.
- Beginning Spanish: $40/4 weeks; 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
- Wood Shop: $40/4 weeks; 12 - 1:30 p.m.
Academic - General
Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Middle School
High School
School of Rock Kingwood
School of Rock Kingwood


Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Middle School
High School
School of Rock San Antonio: In person lessons for guitar, bass guitar, drums, vocals and keyboards
School of Rock San Antonio


School of Rock Performance-Based Music Programs Rock Socializing— With Social Distancing

Kids have been inspired in the School of Rock community for the last 8 and half years, learning music by playing music– together. Through programs designed for all skill levels, students go from lessons and rehearsal to performance– developing confidence, talent and teamwork skills along the way. Students, ages 7 to 18 engage in a private, one-on-one lesson. Those weekly lessons come with a bonus: the chance to be a rock star. Once enrolled, students become part of a band as well, and play in a socially distanced rehearsal each week. Bands are determined by skill level and age. They practice together for a season (about 4 months) and then play a show. This unique approach allows students to use what they learn from their teacher in the real-world setting of a band, comprised of their peers. They learn to rock on stage and in life.

School of Rock community members also have access to our one-of-a-kind, fully integrated Method app. The App provides an enhanced learning experience and reinforced practice schedule. Parents and students know what should be worked on and progress can be tracked.

Programs—Something For All Ages


Ages 5-7. Fun musical activities and hands-on experience with guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and singing, so they can discover which instrument interests them most.

Rock 101

Ages 7-12. Your budding rock star applies music fundamentals learned in their private lessons to playing in a band. Rock 101 is a fun, low stress environment where basics are mastered while playing songs with other kids.

Junior Performance

Ages 9-12.  Upon completing Rock 101, your young rocker learns harmonies, musicianship and much more about performing as a band.


Ages 12-18. For beginner to advanced players. With several show themes each season, your team will excel from one level to the next– all while playing music they love.

Rock 101, Junior Performance and Performance Programs include a weekly private lesson and weekly band rehearsals.

Just how safe is School of Rock San Antonio? Click on the following link to take a personalized virtual tour and find out!

Virtual Safety Tour of School of Rock San Antonio

Give us a call today to schedule your in-person tour and free trial lesson: 210.314.7671.

Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Middle School
High School
STEM Academy
Sci-Tech Discovery Center
Are your children sick of looking at a screen? Do they want to get hands-on with fun science experiments with their friends? We understand your family’s need for a safe and engaging learning environment and we’re thrilled to provide small, socially distanced Summer Camp classes all summer long! Now we look to support your family’s needs to get out and have some fun every Saturday with our “STEM Academy Mini-Camps”, here at Sci-Tech.
Class bubbles of 10 or fewer students
Plenty of room for socially distancing in our STEM Classrooms
Hours of TEKS aligned science, technology, engineering, and mathematics experiments that are sure to light up their smiles
The same high standard COVID-19 safety protocols that made our Summer Day Camps a success
Background-Checked teachers with years of education and classroom experience
Our goals for your family this fall are for your students to be Safe, Supported, Engaged, and Have Mind Stretching Fun!
Students enrolled in 1st-6th grades
1:00PM Drop Off – 5:00PM Pick Up
Cost (per child):
Museum Members: $45 per day
Non-Members: $50 per day
Fast Facts:
Class Bubbles will have up to 10 students per group.
Daily temperature and health screenings are required for all staff and students.
Masks must always be worn by students and staff unless eating or drinking.
Germ safety discussions and frequent handwashing will be implemented.
Thorough and frequent cleaning and disinfection of all areas and surfaces with end-of-day deep cleaning will take place.
No mixing of class bubbles.
No sharing of supplies or equipment.
Students are required to bring face masks that cover the mouth and nose.
Students do NOT need to bring lunches or snacks but may bring bottled water. Click here to read our full Covid-19 Policies. Click here for Governor Abbott’s most recent Covid-19 orders.
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Sky Virtual Sky Camp
Sky Zone Irving

Beginning August 17th we will be offering Sky Virtual School Camp for grades K-8th.

We will be limiting capacity to create a safe and FUN virtual learning environment.

Our Sky Virtual School Camp Program Director will be supported by a group of Sky Zone Team Counselors to assist individuals with their online curriculum.


Our schedule will include a combination of dedicated work time with FUN breaks in our park.    


We are striving to help create a balance between virtual school and fun. So when your kiddo is picked up all classwork has been completed.


Camp includes:

  • A.M & P. M. snacks

  • Lunch

  • Trampoline fun during breaks

  • 1- pair of Sky Socks

  • Structure & a routine for your jumper


Campers must bring:

  • laptop or IPad

  • chargers for devices

  • Refillable H20 container

Drop off

  • 7 am - 8am

Pick up

  • 5 pm -6:30pm

Options for daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Limited capacity. Sibling discounts.

Call us at 469.499.3100 to sign up.

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STEAM Enrichment - Bedford
Snapology of Grapevine-Keller
Join Snapology for S.T.E.A.M. Enrichment Classes!
We know Virtual Learning is going to be a challenge for all our students and parents, so Snapology is here to help!
Bring your Educational or Social "Pod" of students to our contained classroom for Hands On S.T.E.A.M. Enrichment Classes. Our Classroom is open to reserve for a STEAM Educational Classes built specific to your student's needs!
We will work with you to choose a STEAM and/or Robotics programs that aligns with your student's grade level that will support TEKS Standards as well as provide Social Skill Development emphases.
How Does it Work?
1. View the Fall Calendar & choose the days/location your Pod would like to have class that fits into your student's Virtual Schedule.
2. Enroll One Student from your Pod for each of the days/locations you would like to have class & pay the deposit to hold the day/time frame.
3. Within the next business day, Snapology will reach out to the registered parent to get each student's information, grade level, age and to confirm the specific times for each day.
4. We will work with you to choose S.T.E.A.M. and/or Robotics programs that align with your student's grade level and that will support TEKS learning in Science, Math, and Language Arts along with Social Skill Development emphasis.
5. Class Fee Balance (less deposit applied) will be due by Thursday each week for the following week's classes.
Click Ticket Button to See the Fall Calendar and choose days/locations.
Curriculum & Class Information can be found at
$90 price is quote for 1 hr class for a group up to 6 students and can be adjusted based on length of class
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STEM - Computers
STEM - General
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Spruill Center for the Arts- In-person Art Classes
Spruill Center for the Arts

Spruill Center for the Arts is offering a wide variety of youth programs to complement students’ remote learning this fall. To help provide hands-on learning experiences during a virtual learning fall semester. 

Fall Break Camps

Weekday Afternoon Art Classes

Wonderful Wednesday School Break Day Camp

Thanksgiving Break Camp

Weekend Art Classes

Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Middle School
High School
TITLE Boxing Club Plano
TITLE Boxing Club Plano

Enroll your kiddos (ages 6-11) in our kids boxing camp to build endurance, release stress, gain confidence, and build the skills and mindset of a champion! 

 Space is limited.
CALL/TEXT 972-378-0006 or EMAIL to to sign up!! 
Exercise / Health / Yoga
Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Fall Performing Arts Classes at Valey Youth Theatre
Valley Youth Theatre

Whether your child is looking for a place to start, or is already a seasoned performer, VYT’s classes are fun, engaging, and will foster a passion for acting, dance, musical theatre, storytelling, improvisation, and more. Classes are designed to develop a young performer’s stage presence while teaching life skills, enriching self-esteem, building confidence and communication, and creating an ensemble and community of VYT family.

Early Elementary School
Late Elementary School
Middle School
High School